If you know London, you’ve probably heard of Croydon and its terrible reputation. Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you that Croydon is a pit; an ugly, concrete mess with deluded aspirations of wanting to be its own city, “not to mention the crime”. Some of this is earned, though no more deservedly than most other London boroughs, yet Croydon is the most reviled of them all.

I’m born and bred Croydon, I grew up here and I still live here. I’ve seen and experienced this place in all its many personalities, good, bad and ugly. The thing about Croydon, however, is that it’s also full of incredible beauty: in its abundant green and natural spaces which many don’t know about, its melting pot of people, culture and characters, and in the easily missable everyday moments.

Over the years, I’ve made many photographs that show an unnoticed side to this place I call my hometown; a beautiful, delicate, poetic side.


The 'A love letter to Croydon' zine by Another Place Press is currently sold out. Watch this space for more information.

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